It's November! The school year is in full swing. Kids are back at school. They spend their days studying (or daydreaming), playing sports (or just playing around) and planning their Halloween costumes and Christmas lists. Parents, on the other hand, are making sure the homework gets done, chauffeuring the kids around town, cheering them on in their games or competitions, and....planning the School Auction.

School Auctions are an amazing feat to undertake. Months of time and energy and amazing creativity go into planning the event. The time, talent and treasure donated by parents, local vendors and teachers is truly awesome! The culmination is a wonderful party where people get to go shopping, socialize and support their children’s schools.

The theme is always a big decision! Some of my favorites have been Derby Day, New York, New York, and Diamonds & Denim. This year, our party had a Jungle theme so people came decked out in furs, leather, and amazing animal prints. For the photo shoot, we invited Serengeti Steve aka The Reptile Man who brought a 5 year old alligator, a very large snake and other exotic (an elegant way of saying scary & poisonous) creatures. My kids know that I am freaked out about gators so it was a HUGE step for me to actually hold one and have my photo taken.

But, back to auctions...and to Stopper Toppers. Since I've launched Stopper Toppers (, we have been invited to be part of many school auctions. Here are some of the creative ways that Stopper Toppers can contribute to a successful event:

  1. Grab Bags - One parent helped us create De Smet Stopper Toppers with the school logo (a Spartan) and offered it as part of the Grab Bags that can be purchased at the auction. Fifty lucky families will receive a special Spartan Stopper Toppers for their son's bathroom sink.
  2. School Bookstores and Holiday Boutiques - St. Louis Priory School is selling their custom Stopper Toppers at their holiday boutique and in their bookstore; from which the monies raised go to the school.
  3. Party Favors - …and for the Jungle auction, we placed Animal-patterned Stopper Toppers in lovely decorative tins, on the tables as the party favor for the event. There were lions and tigers and zebras patterns (sorry, no bears) decorating the tables and people took home a great gift to adorn their bathroom sinks.

If you have a favorite school or charity that has an upcoming auction or fundraiser, why not consider making Stopper Toppers a special gift, decoration or give away. With your permission to reproduce your logo, and a vector quality file, we can customize a unique and fabulous item just for you! Contact us at to inquiry about Large Order pricing.