Sometimes we get comments about how great our “stickers” are and we hear how our customers love to change out their “stickers” with the seasons. We are thrilled that our Stopper Toppers bring joy to the bathroom. However, every now and then we like to re-iterate that our Stopper Toppers are not stickers. They are decorative laminates and while that may seem a bit like semantics, for us and our patents, it is not.

Check out these two photos. One is a cheap sticker. The other is our patent-pending, high quality, multi-layered, waterproof, Stopper Toppers. There is a big difference between the two. One is removable and one is not (well…not without A LOT of elbow grease.)


The photo on the left is the bottom of a plastic cup I bought 3 weeks ago at the grocery store. The darn sticker is STILL on there! I have scraped and pulled and wet down the sticker but it will not come off. And the dishwasher seemed to make it stick more.

Our Stopper Toppers™ is on the right. The Bullseye Stopper Toppers has been on my children’s sink (so they know where to spit the toothpaste!) for over 2 months. The finish still looks terrific even after tiny hands and much water.

But, the most impressive thing is how simple it is to remove the Stopper Toppers. I simply used my thumb and forefinger to pull up the edge of the Stopper Toppers and the entire thing peeled right off – all in one piece with no residue, no scrapes, no impact whatsoever! As we wait for approval on our pending patent, we wanted to share our “We are not a sticker” story. For us, it’s about delivering a high-quality, long-standing product. You deserve more than “just a sticker.” You deserve the best Stopper Toppers experience ever.