Our love for decorating provided the inspiration.
Our desire to create something fun and unique gave us the idea for Stopper Toppers®.

We love to change up our home decorations to reflect the holidays and seasons; especially in the bathroom. Between candles and guest towels, it’s a fun place to add a little seasonal cheer. While decorating one day, our founder, Ann Brannan, looked at the sink and wondered what she could do to brighten it up. That day, Stopper Toppers® was born: a unique accessory for every bathroom sink.

Our story

Ann went to the store on a mission to find a neat, whimsical bathroom sink décor that would cover the boring silver sink stopper in her main powder room. After several stops, all she could find were items for the window, or to place on top of the sink like soap holders, etc. She couldn’t find what she wanted so she created it.

Determined to incorporate the sink into her bathroom theme, Ann came up with the idea of Stopper Toppers®.

Ann went to work designing and creating the first Stopper Toppers®. It took several prototypes to get it right. She needed to find a material that would sustain daily washes, yet also remove easily to support seasonal changes. She needed more than a sticker and it had to be better than just a cling. After testing several prototypes on her own bathroom sink, she finally found a material that would keep its color, that could be easily applied and removed and that wouldn’t fade or tear. It had to look great!

Next came the fun part – the designs. Ann created more than 200 Stopper Toppers® designs – from seasonal images to sports and children’s themes to elegant monograms.

Stopper Toppers was ready for production. Following her desire to manufacture the product in the USA, Ann found a local company to produce her Stopper Toppers®. She also partnered with Lafayette Industries for her packaging and fulfillment needs. Lafayette Industries (http://www.lafayetteindustries.com) employs adults with disabilities with the mission of “Building Dreams and Creating Opportunities.”

Today, Stopper Toppers® are beautifying bathrooms across the USA; one sink at a time.